Probe was created with the mission to help independent practices grow. We have developed services that improve efficiencies of the practice and enhance the profitability. Our goal is to let practices focus on what matters the most, patient care, while we help with everything else.

About us

We are a practice management company focused on developing services that could help independent practices grow and effectively run their organizations as viable small businesses.

Raj Kanyaboina

After looking at independent practices through corporate lens for 15 years while aggregating them to achieve better costs, assisting them to adapt to changing healthcare landscape I was asked to help a family member, who was trying to set up his own practice. I got to see the independent practices from a whole new perspective. I was able to bring the best of both worlds by bringing in the strategic partnerships I have built in the past to help solve the problems for independent practices. After achieving reasonable success with the first few I have requested my brother to join me, both my brother and I along with support of a great team we are trying to help as many practices as we can.

Venkat Kanyaboina

Unlike my brother I am an outsider to healthcare, I have spent all my years of working life helping business achieve efficiencies with technology. But small businesses especially in healthcare is a whole new ball game it posed interesting challenges. We are excited with what we learned so far and set out to help the independent practices stay relevant in the current market

Across our client base we achieved 28% reduction in the costs and 15% improvement in revenue with in the first 18 months of taking over the practice operations

Our Success So Far

We Own

Practices we own, mainly focused in Texas

We Manage

Practices we manage, spread across various regions

Work in Progress

We are actively working on adding 2 under ownership and 2 under management


How we achieve cost efficiencies

Resellers Partnership

We build few exclusive reseller partnerships that reduced the overall technology spend for EMR Systems, Billing & Payment Services and Patient Engagement Platforms

Group Buying

We are in final stages of getting approval for our PBG. We have exclusive contract with both Henry-Schien and McKesson

Re-Negotiating Contracts

We analyze and renegotiate all the existing contracts including Rent, Utilities, Phone and others

How We Improve Revenue


We take the comprehensive look at the Revenue Cycle Management. We start with comparing  and analyzing the existing payor contract and re-negotiate them. We then follow up with improving billing, coding and denial management. Increase payment with a custom and convenient method

Digital Marketing

We do exhaustive assessment of existing online  presence and other traditional marketing assets and launch a high targeted and tailor made Digital Marketing Campaign 

We offer our services in one of two ways :

END TO END practice management. You focus on your patients, we will manage everything else that goes on in your office.

A LA CARTE pick and choose. Alternatively you can choose the areas you would benefit the most

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